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Home Canvas Print Vanilla Sky Meets Sunset – Inspired by Monet The Seine at Argenteuil – Polyester Canvas

Vanilla Sky Meets Sunset - Inspired by Monet The Seine at Argenteuil - Polyester Canvas


Welcome the allure of fine art into your space with our exquisitely created ‘Vanilla Sky Meets Sunset’ Polyester Canvas. This majestic canvas print is a harmonious fusion of modern textile innovation and timeless artistic inspiration drawn from Monet’s ‘The Seine at Argenteuil’.

Delicately woven from 100% premium polyester, the canvas provides the perfect backdrop to capture the essence of the stunning sunset hues colliding with the tranquillity of a vanilla sky. Its versatile, yet vivid colour palette makes it a stunning addition to any room, adding a splash of serene elegance and artistic flair to your décor.


Please ensure that if ordering clothing that you order the correct size. Given the nature of the products at TWV Store, each item is custom made and as such we cannot refund incorrectly ordered sizes as per our refunds & returns policy here.

Offered in an extensive range of 24 sizes, this piece comes in horizontal, vertical, and square options, enabling you to find a seamless fit for your home or office. The adaptability of our canvas sizes ensures you can make a bold statement in larger spaces or subtly add warmth to more compact areas.

Every canvas is thoughtfully framed with high-quality pine wood, adding a touch of rustic charm and enhancing the longevity of the art piece. The handcrafted wood frame not only reinforces the integrity of the canvas but also adds an extra layer of sophistication, making this art piece an ideal gift for art lovers and a perfect housewarming present.

Make 'Vanilla Sky Meets Sunset' the newest addition to your collection, or gift it to someone special and let them dive into a world where modern design meets timeless artistic impression. Witness as the allure of this beautiful scene turns every corner of your room into an artistic haven. Order now and make your walls come alive with the magic of this polyester canvas.

10" x 8" (Horizontal)
Width, cm 25.40
Height, cm 20.32

Make your art feel at home on this polyester canvas. With 24 sizes to choose from in both horizontal and vertical options, you can find the perfect match for your art piece. Each canvas comes with a beautiful frame made of pine wood, making it a highly giftable product.

.: Material: 100% polyester canvas, pine wood frame
.: Comes in 24 different sizes
.: Horizontal, vertical and square options available

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